Customs clearance

Some mistakenly believe that the service of customs clearance is associated in the delivery of goods. This is not so, and by building a chain of logistics, we will take into account, on which customs offices work is organized more efficiently.

Moreover, Customs clearance is the most tedious of the whole complex of delivery: you need to choose the correct commodity code to calculate customs duties, to assess the risks of product design at the declared customs value (preferably still at the stage of a foreign trade contract), to determine which non-tariff measures will be used for the import of the product, by customer, and check out the complete set of documents required for submission. In this case, we examine not only the existence of the documents on the list, but they are correct. In case of incorrect filling mistakes we make recommendations as to how to modify the contracts, invoices, and other documents.

For companies that are first drawn to the Customs office, we register a company in the post in the provision of services.

A great experience and a good reputation allows us to offer the design in a short time through many customs stations in Ukraine.