Outsourcing (support FEA)

For companies that do not engage in early and do not want to engage in foreign trade activities, we provide outsourcing services or maintenance of foreign trade. The difference is the amount of work we undertake. This may be the provision of the contract, when we buy products from your suppliers to our importer, or a full-finding suppliers for mentioned criteria. In any case, we make a contract, make payments on the contract. Next we order delivery, prepare all the permits, provide customs clearance in Ukraine. And you get the goods already in their stock, purchased in Ukraine under the contract of sale.

Thus you shall beforehand be given all the information about the upcoming cost and possible "bottlenecks", you can always check the validity of the costs incurred by you. you will have all the information about the possible risks.

We are engaged in foreign trade for a long time and know all the "pitfalls". So that our services are the highest quality, we have hosted office accounting support foreign trade, legal departments, licensed customs agent. Thus, the chain is closed and we control the whole process of delivery from the seller to the buyer.

FEA outsourcing – a service based on the transfer of non-core functions of your company firm specializing in foreign trade.

For a start, the customer enters into a supply agreement with "Abaz Service", then:

  • You and I define a foreign supplier (consignor) of the necessary goods;
  • You determine the size, quantity, delivery schedules consignments;
  • Exhibited by pro-forma, you transfer the money to our account.

Next steps from Company "Abaza Service":

  • concludes with selected foreign supplier of goods foreign trade agreement of purchase and sale (the contract);
  • pays for the goods under the contract;
  • arranges insurance of cargo and its delivery to the customs terminal;
  • customs clearance of goods in the prescribed manner;
  • delivers the goods to the customer's warehouse.

Cost of services for outsourcing FEA

Prices for these services are comprised of:

  • registration permits (certificates, declarations of conformity, protocols, state registration);
  • commercial value of the consignment;
  • cost of forwarding tinning;
  • customs fees;
  • TSW services (if such services are provided);

Cost of services Ltd. "Abaza Service" is defined as agreed.

The estimated cost ranges from 1% to 10% of the transaction value/span>

All costs incurred by us, our customers transition exhibited no additional allowances and supported by the necessary documentation (invoice, certificate of completion of works).