Sea transportations

The share of maritime transport accounts for over 68% of the traffic in the world. This is no accident: shipping offer several advantages over other forms of transport. First, is the cost of transport - sea transport is the cheapest. A further advantage associated with the ability to ensure the safety of transport, which is achieved through the use of containers in transit: In stock sender or the port of loading the cargo placed in the shipping container right type, the container is sealed, then all operations are done already with him. So, way less likely to damage and theft of cargo compared to other modes of transport. This implies the third advantage - the convenience of container handling at transhipment ports dispatch, arrival, reload.

The transport of containers carry container lines that carry navigable at certain ports in accordance with the schedule.

Our capabilities in the field of maritime container defined by contracts with all the major lines that call at ports in Ukraine, China, India, the Baltic states. Many of the lines we have special conditions and can negotiate interest rates.

If necessary, we can deliver as General (piece), oversized cargo, and small goods which are transported prefabricated containers.

Below is the classification of goods, pallets on which they are placed in containers and, directly, the containers themselves. This information will be useful for those who send in the total general cargo container and cargo owners for holding a container full.
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