Truck transportations

There is a direction in which transport the most convenient road. For example, a delivery to Ukraine from Europe. What are their advantages? Mobility and direct delivery: loading once the goods in stock sender, do not overload it a few more times, as in other forms of transportation. Besides usual transit time in road transport less - it is possible to go directly (this advantage is leveled at the intersection of several countries, when there are problems at checkpoints and loss of time occurs at every crossing.)

However, this type of transportation significantly more expensive sea. Choose it worth it when other modes of transport are not effective, or require a small transit time.

To reduce the cost of road transport can use the combined version - ferry transport trailer: cargo loaded on the stock sender and to deliver to the port, the tractor trailer company brings on board the ferry, and on arrival at the port of unloading tractor trailer transports. To the warehouse of the consignee is not overloaded.

We can carry loads up to 20 tons, up to 120 cubic meters by taking out all the necessary shipping documents. Also if necessary to insure your shipment and choose a special mode of transportation and storage of cargo.

Below is the classification of goods, pallets on which they are placed in containers and, directly, the containers themselves. This information will be useful for those who send in the total general cargo container and cargo owners for holding a container full.
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