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As much as we dream of a world without borders, the reality is that the import and export of goods outside the expanse of his native country, every company has to deal with the customs clearance of goods. And while it is no secret that the customs clearance of goods - is a complex process with a mass of bureaucratic "gotchas".

To pass the customs of each company has to submit a list of supervisory bodies of documents, which are regulated by law. Depending on what kind of cargo and in which direction crosses the border, depending customs regime, the product code on the nomenclature of foreign economic activity, and many other nuances.

Customs clearance in Ukraine has its own characteristics. Firm that does not want to seek the services of intermediaries in this area will have to hire an experienced declarant who is able to work in special programs, thoroughly knows the law and is able to prepare a full set of declarations and other supporting documents. Also, the company will inevitably have to seek the services of an experienced trusted broker who to date with all the latest changes in the rules of customs clearance of import or export.

The time and nerves, as, indeed, the very cost of customs clearance, because of the wrong approach to filling the forms, lack of knowledge of the latest innovations in the law could be just enormous.

How to avoid the "headache"? It's easy!!!

We are ready to take this routine activities. The company "Abaz Service" has formed a good reputation and has been operating successfully in the market for traders. During recovery and development, the company has acquired a valuable experience in dealing with customs and transportation issues.

Our specialization - delivery of goods from Europe and Asia to follow the clearance of goods in Ukraine. In addition, we provide all the related international transport services, including, and customs brokerage services.